“How You Could Get $200 Checks And Money Orders Busting Your Mail Box By Mailing Out Cheap Postcards… Receive: *500 Free Postcards, 500 Free Names, 500 Free Stamps…For Life


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If I gave you a simple powerful concept where there’s little to no effort involved, where you can bank a whopping $200 dollars on every order, get 500 Free postcards, 500 Free names of “Hot Prospects” who are desperately looking for what you have, 500 Free stamps for life and with a *100% money back guarantee would you be interested?   If so, then pay close attention because this may be the most important message you will ever read!       


Dear Friend,

“You Can Have Anything You Want If You Will Only Help Enough Other People Get What They Want”... Zig Ziglar

To me, this is one of the most powerful statements in the history of man kind. I’m dead serious! The simplicity of this statement can make you filthy rich. This unique concept I’m about to show you springs from this simple statement.

Let me explain: My name is Eric Pantalone,  owner of PROSPERITY PUBLICATIONS. My staff and I prepared this letter to tell you about a way to make some serious money. If you believe and trust everything I have to say, more than likely we will become business friends, right? I’m helping you to get closer to your dreams by giving you a simple but powerful way to make huge amounts of cash. In return you put me closer to my dreams by doing business with me, right? A very simple concept!

Others Helping Others…

Now, most junk you get in the mail claim they will show you how to make money. Do you see the problem with that statement? Of course you do! It’s the word show. Most fly by night money programs give you some half-cock-eyed instructions and turn you loose and you never hear from the blood suckers again.

That’s not the key to being successful and making some serious CASH!!

There’s no secret that you want to make some money, right? I don’t know exactly how much you want to make. Heck, you could just want to make enough money to pay off some bills or buy some groceries. Or, maybe you want to make enough money to build a 10,000 sq. foot dream house on the beach. Honestly I don’t know, I can’t read your mind.

But, I do know one thing we have in common. We both want FREEDOM!

·Freedom to sleep late because you work from home!

·Freedom to buy a new car anytime you want with cash!

Freedom to smile and just be happy with no financial worries ever again in your life!


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You are closer than you can imagine. I’m about to reveal a simple concept that will change your life, but I want you to do one thing for me before I reveal this simple concept, close your eyes, go ahead and close them for 2 minutes.

Good… Now, I want you to picture some things in your mind, alright! Picture this:

▪ Picture yourself having enough money that you can give thousands of dollars to your church, community, child’s school, or charity and never think about it twice.

▪ Picture yourself hearing about a neighbor or friend who needs some type of expensive medical treatment but can’t afford it, but you have an abundance of money to pay for everything.

▪ Picture yourself during the holiday season adopting 4 or 5 families and providing them with their holiday meal and gifts. Do you see the tears coming down their face as they say, “Thank You”….?

▪ Picture looking in the mirror and saying to yourself …”I did it!”…”I’m a success in every part of my life!”… “I finally have financial control over mine and my family’s life…”

Can you imagine these things? Can you imagine how you have now changed the lives of others? Or have you given up?  

To me the greatest feeling in the world is helping someone else. What do you think? Don’t get me wrong, you will still have enough money to buy yourself a new boat, shiny-new car, take 4-5 exotic vacations a year or whatever you desire.

Just Don’t Forget To Help Others!

OK, I’m sorry for the sermon, but I think it’s important that you understand how helping others can change your life forever. Alright, here it is… Remember what I said earlier about most so-called money making plans using the word show and why I said the word show is the problem? Here is my reason for saying that. Usually, after you have read the “show you instructions” it requires you to do some work.

“Work, Ahhhhhhh…. the most dreaded word ever spoken. The one word that can make a grown man cry.”

But anyway, these lousy money making programs requires you to do a lot of thinking.

  • You have to think about what you are going to sell (the new widget, or the new and improved mouse trap you developed that automatically churns the rat into pieces so you don’t have to get it out the trap.

  • You have to think about how you are going to sell it (will you sell it on T.V. will you sell it at the flea market, or will you sell it at a yard sale.

  • You have to think about customer service (will you tell them to call you, write you, email you, or drive by your house at 2 am to get a refund because a screw fell out your new better mouse trap you invented.

  • And on… And on… And on… until you close the doors of the tool shed you are working out of because your new business has given you an ulcer.

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Don’t laugh! I’m dead serious these are the headaches that you will have to deal with in most home-based businesses. But Not With Our Simple Concept Listen very closely to what I'm about to say...

"Just Find The Right People (Our Company) Who Will Help/Let You Use Their Opportunity And You Can Get Rich Fast!
This Concept Can Make You A Fortune"


Let me explain, our concept involves a very simple 4 step plan. (That we have already done):

1) Find a Starving Crowd (I’m not talking about food) A starving crowd is a group of people who are desperately searching for an answer to something, for example, the starving crowds we cater to are people looking for a way to make money. This starving crowd at any given time can have up to 30 million people looking for a way to make money. This crowd will always be huge because of people losing jobs, college students who graduate and don’t want a 9-5 rat job, moms staying at home to be with their kids and are looking for a simple easy way to make some money, and any other reason you can think of.

This Is The Largest And Best Crowd To Reach If You Are Trying To Make Money!

2) Create a Product: Here’s a little secret, do you know this is the easiest part of making money?
Believe me, I will show you.

3) Get the names and addresses of the people in this starving crowd and send them a nice friendly letter (Hey, like this one!)

4) Help the people in this starving crowd by letting them use your resources to make money (Just let them be lazy…I promise it’s okay!...We will show you how)

This simple concept can make you an absolute fortune. Here’s how:

What if you actually gave these 30 million people a ready to go product, a ready to go sales letter to promote this product, and they never have to worry about shipping or customer service.

Look Ma... No Hands!

Do you think some of these 30 million people who are already desperately looking for a way to make some easy money from home will jump at the chance? The answer is heck yeah! You are basically given them a business in a box.

You are giving them a complete, ready to go money-making plan in their lap. You are making it so ABC easy for them to make money from home they would be crazy not to get in on this simple plan.
Here’s how it works:

We have put together a fresh new money making system called “Simply Helping Others”. When you join our program you will get to offer these 30 million people (who are already looking for a way to make some easy money), this same exact program by using your very own custom made postcards that we will provide you. Here’s why this program will be a no-brainer for people who receive your postcards.

We wanted to find the most inexpensive way for everybody to make some fast money, so here’s our thinking. We wanted to cut your cost down to the bare bone (no envelopes, printing, folding, stuffing, and high postage). None of that expensive stuff that can cost you thousands before you ever make one dime.

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For example, let’s say you put your own direct mail project together and you wanted to mail 1000 pieces. You would easily spend around $800 and hopefully get a 1% response, and you better make sure whatever you are selling has a decent profit margin to at least break even, that’s a painful way to make a living. You know that ole’ saying, “No pain, No gain”…well who ever said that never tried direct mail. If he or she did, they probably would change that saying to this…

“Too Much Pain And No Gain... Will Put You In The Soup Line”

But anyway, so we decided not to put you in the soup line, we said…“Why not let you use a simple, cheap but powerful postcard that leads to this sales letter or website and let this sales letter/website do all of your selling”. Did you notice what makes the postcard you received standout? A couple of things:

There was no envelope, this forces people to read it because it is out in the open. They will read this before any other mail because it stands out (nice colors, nothing to open, and the $100 bills that are on the front) *Remember, the people who receive your custom made postcards are desperately looking for a way to make money, so when they see those $100 bills it is going to trigger that desire to have money.

• The postcard asked questions, which gets your reader involved. Human nature will make them answer the questions by giving a yes answer to both questions which in turns creates curiosity. Naturally, curiosity makes them want to know more.

• The postcard gets them excited and directs them to this sales letter or website so they can read all about this unique program.  And the best part is…you don’t need a computer with our program!

That little inexpensive postcard will do some amazing things for you, hey! Let’s look at some numbers real quick. The postcard cost about $.09, the name of opportunity buyers cost about $0.12 and you get to use a $0.34 stamp. Let’s see $.09 + $0.12 + $0.34 =…this is kind of embarrassing. But for the grand total of $0.55 you have the chance to make a whopping $200 dollars. Is that a return on your investment or what?

Here are some other reasons that this is a no-brainer for people who receive your postcard:

  • They will not have to write anything because they will use this sales letter or website and the postcard we have developed to promote this program.

  • Their postcards will have their contact information on it so their $200 comes directly to them.

  • (The order form on the website or this letter tells new customers to send the $200 to the dealer who sent them the postcard. And they MUST send us verification (copy of payment) that they sent you your money. If not,  heads will roll (just kidding but we are serious and will not process any order without verification that you got paid)

  • You will not have to ship the information product because we handle all shipping.

  • You will not have to wait on your money because your customers will send your $200 right to your mailbox.

Very simple… We have done the hard part (sales letter, product, locating hot prospects)…You reap huge profits with very little effort!

And don’t forget what makes this system unique!!! You will offer your customers the same system you are using. They will use the same exact postcard you are using, they will use this sales letter/website, they will use our information product and we handle all shipping.

Again... Look Ma... No Hands! (That's Great Baby!)

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Let me tell you one more time my good friend why this program is so special:

• Your customers will not have to write a sales letter, develop a product, or search for prospects. (We will provide them everything).

• Your customers will never wait on their profits because all their money comes directly to them.

• The last most powerful part of this program is the number 30 million.

Neither you nor your customers will ever saturate this 30 million starving crowd. You could literally mail this one postcard out for the rest of your life and never scratch the surface of this market because there will always be new people looking for a way to make money from home (very, very, powerful).

Ok, I know you are saying how much I have to cough up to get in on this deal. How about $2765.32? Hold on relax I’m just kidding, but I promise you it is less than the cost of a romantic Valentine’s dinner. It’s not $3000, or $1000 or even $500. It’s much less. In fact we have researched the market and there is no other program offering what this program offers.

Let’s look at some numbers that will make you slob like a new born baby. When you join our money making system you will make $200 on every order! Remember the $200 comes directly to your mailbox!

Listen, I’m going to be real conservative as I show you how this concept can make you the envy of all your friends when they see “How Your Lifestyle Has Change”.
Ok, let’s say you receive:

4 orders a week out of a starving crowd that has 30 million people: You make $3200 a month

• 5 orders a week out of a starving crowd that has 30 million people: You make $4000 a month

Let’s kick it up a notch…

• 6 orders a week out of a starving crowd that has 30 million people: You make $4800 a month

• 8 orders a week out of a starving crowd that has 30 million people: You make $6400 a month

Let’s kick it up another notch…

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….I’m not going to do that to you because if I keep spitting those kinds of numbers out you will not go to sleep tonight, and I don’t want you to be late for work in the morning. I don’t want your stinky boss to be breathing his coffee breath down your neck screaming “Why Are You Late Again!!!”

Hey, if you are late, just smile because you could be a short time away from FIRING Mr. Sloppy.

There’s no doubt this has to be the easiest way to make a ton of money with very little effort.

I know you are saying, “This is too good to be true, there must be a catch”. I promise there is no catch. When you join “Simply Helping Others” you will be well on your way to financial security.

But hold on! You haven’t heard anything yet. What I’m about to say next is going to make you dizzy with excitement. Okay, are you ready? Are you sure? Well, here it is. When you join “Simply Helping Others” program for $397 we will start you off with 250 Free postcards and 250 Free names of Hot prospects who have written in for information on how to make money, and when you order within the next 14 days or be among the next 500 orders (whichever comes first) you will be eligible for the

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Five For Life” enrollment.  - Let me explain:

We want to do as much as we can to make this the most successful and easiest money-making program in the history of mail order, so we have decided to do something unheard of in direct mail. Listen closely to what I’m about to say…

After you have received only 5 orders for this program by mailing out our high-response postcard, we will give you 500 free postcards (with your contact information), 500 free names of hot prospects to send your postcards to and 500 free stamps. Yea!!! You read it right we are paying for your mailings.

Note** If you have received 5 orders that means you have also made $1,000 big ones.

I know you are saying  "Hey Eric, why would you give me all this after only 5 orders?" Simple! We want you to taste success as fast as possible. We want you to be apart of a program that will go down in history as the most successful ever. We understand if you give people what they want you will always get what you want. See, by giving you the free postcards, names, and stamps it saves me and my staff time.

*There’s no way we could mail to millions of people without taking away from the everyday running of the business. To make sure we keep things running smooth we decided to put the “Five For Life” pack together. By giving you the Five For Life pack, you save us time on mailing but it also gives you a reward for your effort. But here’s something that should make you stop reading and go straight to the order form.

Listen to this! The average return on a direct mail piece is 0.01%. So, let’s say you get a lousy 1% response from your free “Five For Life” pack. 1% of 500 are 5…which mean…5 orders x’s your $200 profit is $1,000 free dollars. You just made $1,000 dollars from a free mailing! Are you foaming at the mouth yet?

Wait, I’m not finished! We have a goal to get a 3% response for this program. So let’s look at a 3% response from your free mailing on the “Five For Life” pack. 3% of 500 are 15…15 orders x’s $200 profit is $3,000 free dollars …are you double foaming at the mouth yet?

500 free postcards, 500 free names, 500 free stamps every time you get just 5 orders. So after your first 5 orders you get the “Five For Life” pack (free postcards, free names, and free stamps). After your next five orders you get the pack…and on…and on…to infinity as long as you are apart of this program.

That’s right! And to prove we are serious we will put it in writing. Think about it, every time you get just 5 orders we send you the “Five For Life” pack (500 free postcards, 500 free names, and 500 free stamps) to promote your new business.

I dare you…I double dare you to show me another program that is going to do all this for you!

I hope by now you see the power in this simple system. You will be able to offer your desperate customers a powerful way to make some incredible money for life.

Ok… Let’s Wrap This Up!


Before I close this letter out, let me apologize if you thought I was long winded. I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable and understood everything I was saying and you totally understand how you are only days away from making some serious money. So, if I made you upset by trying to make this thing ABC simple…I’m sorry.

Just join me in this system and I’ll buy you a Mai-Ti when we get to Hawaii. (They are really, really good).


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Here’s everything you get when you join “Simply Helping Others” today:

Master Dealership Certificate: This certificate will state you are an authorized dealer for “The Simply Helping Others Program” (Lifetime enrollment).

Quick start report: I’ll just be honest with you this thing is very short. This report will give you simple ABC instructions on how to get started as soon as you receive your box of material. You could be doing your first mailing the day you get everything.

Enrollment into 500 For Life. NOTE: We will track your response rate and will be alerted if you have not received at least a 1% response (remember we have a goal for a 3% response).

Our product “The Secret to Mail Order Millions manual that tells all the dirty little secrets about direct mail such as:

How to find a starving crowd
- How to create a product that your starving crowd will gladly do what we call “The wallet flip for”
- How to always guarantee your sales copy will always be read
- How to make sure with 100% accuracy your envelope will always be opened
- How to get your own product even if you have no clue what so ever And much…much more

You will also receive our Wealth Building CD-Rom. (Gives you all the secrets the mail order gurus use to rake in the BIG BUX!) *SPECIAL BONUS: Order in the next 14 days and you will also get our Mail Order Black Belt manual. With this special manual you will learn how to succeed in all your direct mail endeavors.

And we will send you a starter kit with 250 free postcards already customized with your information as the dealer and 250 free names of hot opportunity buyers who have requested and purchased in the last 90 days information on “How To Make Money”.

Is that enough for you? - No! Okay, here’s what else you get:

We will also give it to you in writing, if you order within the next 14 days or be among the next 500 orders (which ever comes first), you will be eligible for the “Five For Life” pack, which means after your 1st 5 orders, you get 500 free postcards, 500 free names of hot prospects, and 500 free stamps. So that means when you get your first 5 orders we send you the “Five For Life” pack…when you get another 5 orders we send you the pack…and on…and on…forever as long as you’re apart of this program.

Oh yeah! Please understand this program has ton of quality products and don’t forget this program was not just put together for you to sell it. The information inside this program is here for you to study it and use what you learn. This information can lead to multiple streams of income. (That’s how the rich do it).

But anyway, Man… I’m tired of writing! Does this sound like an awesome program or what? (Say yes). I challenge you to go find another program on the market that gives you all this.

Just in case you are pinching yourself to see if this program is true, I’ll run it by you again. Here’s exactly what you will be doing when you get in on the program.

A) Order your custom made postcards from us for around ($.09) which will have your information as the authorized dealer. Don’t forget we will start you off with 250 free postcards and 250 free names to get the ball rolling! (Important*** there is some important information on page 9 I would like you to read. I want you to read it before you place your order. It is the read me link. Read it because I don’t want any “Huh Oh, you didn’t say that”. I love my business and I want to be doing this for a long time.) So…please don’t join until you read this!

B) Put a peel and stick label with the name of a “HOT PROSPECT” on the postcard ($0.12).

C) Slap a $0.34 stamp on it and drop it in the mail.

Let’s see…$.09 + $0.12 + $0.34 =…this is kind of embarrassing, but for the grand total of…$0.55 you have the chance to make a whopping $200 dollars. Oh! I forgot I already said that.

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D) Use some of your profits to do more mailings to choke your mailbox even more!

Geezz! - All that hard work may wear you out, you have my permission to go take a nap and get ready for the same thing tomorrow. Remember, your customers send your $200 commission directly to your doorstep. They will send our company $197 and we will ship out everything that comes with the program.

That's It!

I don’t know what else to say, if you have an ounce of imagination you have to see the staggering profit potential here with very little effort. Would you like for me to make you a promise to show you how sincere I am about this system, Ok… Here’s my promise.

Try my “Simply Helping Others” program *risk-free for one full year. If you want your $397 investment back anytime after one year and I’ll rush you a refund…no questions asked…no hard feelings… Ok? And you can keep all the products you received!

And it’s easy to order, just fill out the order form and send $200 to your sponsor and $197 to Prosperity Publications. I will rush your material to you by first class mail. (Please send $197 to our company and the other $200 to the authorized dealer who sent you the postcard. (The authorized dealers name is on the postcard you received.)  The authorized dealer is your sponsor. YOU MUST HAVE A SPONSOR TO JOIN! Do not send the entire $397 to Prosperity Publications.

When you join, your name and address will go on your postcard as an authorized dealer so your $200 comes directly to you. One last thing before I let you go…

Don't Ever Give Up On Your Dreams No Matter
What You Go Through. I Know With All The BS That
Goes On Everyday In Life, Sometimes You May Feel Like
Giving Up. I Know! But Make A Promise To Yourself And
Your Family That You Will Always Try To Get The Best Out
Of Life. The Dark Clouds Will Part And The Sun Will Shine
Through. What Will Your Headstone Say When You Are Laid To Rest...

"Here Lies A Stud Or Here Lies A Dud" (I know you are a stud!!)

P.S. When you order within the next 14 days only (or be among the next 500 orders, whichever runs out first). You will be eligible for the “Five For Life” pack. Which means, after your 1st 5 orders we will give you 500 free postcards, 500 free names of hot prospects, and 500 free stamps for life? And you get all this in writing.

P.P.S. I don’t know if you have realized it yet but the way we have set this program up you will be getting a lot of free money. Think about it. You make a whopping $200 on every order you get. On ever 5th order we will send you 500 free postcards, 500 free names, 500 free stamps. The only thing you will have to do is mail them. This is like being handed free money. This has to be the easiest way to make money EVER!! Would you like to get some of this easy money?

Eric Pantalone

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 Read Me

Just a quick note on a couple of things.

1) Of course you know I can't promise or guarantee how much money you can make or the response you will receive, but I can promise you this has to be the easiest way to make money on the planet. Remember, after you get five orders you will get 500 free postcards, 500 free names, 500 free stamps... For life! Anybody in the world can drop a free postcard with a free name and a free stamp in the mail.

2) Like with any other business it will take some time and money to get started, if someone told you different they lied. But you don't have to give your life's savings to get started. Here's what we have done to make this as easy and inexpensive as possible. We have put together the following packs. Remember, we customize your postcards so your customers send your $200 directly to you. You can purchase postcards from us and get your own names or you can purchase the names from our recommended sources.

Postcards: Price includes free shipping!
1,000 -$80
2,500 -$150
5,000 -$250
10,000 -$380



Remember after your 1st 5 orders you will start receiving the “Five For Life” pack (500 free postcards, 500 free names, 500 free stamps). Just think the 500 free plus whatever other amount you decide to send out the profit potential is staggering.

3) You probably noticed we don't have a phone number listed and here's why: This program is very simple; honestly there should be no serious thinking involved. We understand you want to make sure you are dealing with a legit business and we are a legit business that wants to help you. But we don't have a bunch of employees to handle phone calls. As you probably know you don't want employees when you have your own business (fewer headaches). We also want to make sure we keep the program running smoothly and not be tied up on the phone, but we will do this for you, we will provide you with an email address when you order our program. You can contact us with any concerns but again this is ABC simple. And if you don't have an email you can write to us and we will rush you a response. Please allow us 24-48 hours to respond to emails and 3-4 days on snail mail. We will also be more than happy to give you a call with any concerns.


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The True Power Of This Program


I just wanted to take a minute and tell you about how your life is about to change. Let me break it down to you as simple as possible. Yes, it is going to take some time & money to get started but it is quite possible you will never have to spend another dime in your marketing effort (which is the most expensive part of doing direct mail). Here’s why:

When you join the program we start you off with 250 postcards & 250 names. The only thing you have to do is get stamps ($0.34).

Alright, let’s say you get only 2 orders (which is a 1% response rate) you just made $400 and you are only 3 orders away from the “Five For Life” pack (500 Free postcards, 500 Free names, 500 Free stamps). Now, let’s say you get a 2% response rate from your starter kit of 250 free postcards & 250 free names, which are 5 orders that mean you just made $1000 and you are now enrolled in the “Five For Life” pack. Which means we start sending you 500 free postcards, 500 free names, and 500 free stamps?

You could literally stay in this program forever and never spend another dime on marketing, but I don’t think you want to do that. When you start seeing those $200 checks and money orders you are going to want to use some of your profits to mail as much as you can to flood your bank account.

I tell you what go get a calculator and start playing with some numbers for the fun of it. Let’s say you decide to mail out 2500 postcards, you can get 2500 postcards from us for only $150, you need 2,500 stamps which is $800 and 2,500 quality names which will run around $200.

$150 + $850 + $200 = $1200 (your cost for mailing)

Let’s say out of this 2,500 piece mailing you get a:

1% response rate. Which is 25 orders x $200 = $5,000
$5,000 - $1,200 = $3,800 pure profit!

2% response rate. Which is 50 orders x $200 = $10,000
$10,000 - $1,200 = $8,800 pure profit!

3% response rate (our goal). Which is 75 orders x $200 = $15,000
$15,000 - $1,200 = $13,800 pure profit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do you call this program “Simply Helping Others”? Well, like I said in my letter to you, I truly believe you can have everything you want in life if you just be honest, truthful, and help others.

2) So, Eric…Can I sleep until 3:00 in the afternoon and never have to work and still make money with this program?) Honestly you can sleep as long as you want, that's up to you. The only thing you have to do is getting your custom made postcards and names from us, put a stamp on the postcard, and then wait for the $200 money order and checks to start filling your mailbox.

3) You mean I don't have to write a sales letter or come up with a product? No, you will be using an inexpensive (but powerful postcard) that leads to this sales letter or website and our information product… don't forget our company ships the product to your customers. Remember, you DO NOT need a computer to participate in this program.

4) How much will it cost to mail these postcards out? Well, that will be totally up to you, we have put together packages that you can choose from. Please read page 9 to see the different packages.*Here's a tip about getting more free names; it’s called “Reverse Mailing”. You probably receive junk mail all the time about money making opportunities. Every time you get a piece of mail that has a person's name as the sender, just send them a postcard because I guarantee they are still looking for a way to make money….We do this all the time.

5) Could you please tell me again how I will make money with this program? No Problem, you will have resell rights to our program and you will be offering it to some of the 30 million other people who are looking for a way to make money. People will be happy to join this program because you have given them a business in a box.

6) Will I get paid by you or my customer? You will get paid by your customers, remember with you having resell rights to this program you basically have your own mail order business. You will get the $200 checks and money orders coming right to your door step.

7) Why does the program cost $397? We feel like the information we have put together and service we have put together is truly one of the best money-making plans on the market, also this price allows you to profit $200.

8) Why don't you give out a phone number? Well, like I said earlier I don't have a huge staff working for me; I want to keep everything running smooth so everybody is happy. I will provide a special e-mail address when you order that you can use if there are ever any questions and you use this same e-mail to let us know you have received your $200 profit from your customers. If you really need to talk to us we will give you a call at the number you provide. Honestly, we feel like this information alone has answered every question that could be asked, most people will just order because they see the power in this.

9) Can I throw a block party for all my family and friends when I get my first $200 money order or check? Hey, it's up to you! But I think you are going to need a little more than $200 to throw a party and not look like a cheap skate!!!

10) In a nut shell, this is how it all works: A. Mail your postcards with your name as an authorized dealer. B. Your prospects go to the main Simply Helping Others website C. If your prospects do not have a computer/internet they will mail your Simply Helping Others postcard back to you and as their sponsor you will send them this exact 12-page letter with your name as an authorized dealer. (What you are reading now). D. After reading the 12-page letter or visiting the website most people will like what they see and will rush you $200 BUCKS!!! - SIMPLE…SIMPLE! SIMPLE!

Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


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“Simply Helping Others” Enrollment Form


____ Yes, Eric! Please rush me your “Simply Helping Others” program by First Class Mail. I am enclosing my $397 total payment ($197 to Box #1 below and $200 to Box #2 below).   

 ____ Yes again, Eric! I am also ordering within the next 14 days or among the next 500 orders, so I am now eligible for the “Five For Life” pack (500 Free Postcards, 500 Free Names, 500 Free Stamps) Questions, please email: prosperitypublications@gmail.com  


Please Print, Type Clearly or Attach a Mailing Label to Avoid Delay!

Name: _____________________________________________Date: __________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City and State: _____________________________________________________________

Zip Code: _________________________________________________________________

Phone (Office Use Only) :___________________email: ___________________________

Payment By (Please Check One): ____ Check   ____ Money Order  


Disclaimer: This program is legal because it involves the sale of a start-up kit containing: CD Rom; Tips on Mailing; Discount Printing Service; Discount Print & Mail Service; Mailing List Directory; Camera Ready Originals and involves a payment of a finders fees for others who also sell this package. This is not a gifting club. All potential buyers became independent representatives. You are responsible for your own taxes on income earned. We do not keep track of fees paid. RESULTS VARY. Thank you.

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